HVAC Services In Weston, FL And Surrounding Areas

Homeowners must evaluate their heating and cooling system each year to determine if they have any existing problems. Prevailing problems must be addressed to prevent service disruptions that leave the property owner vulnerable to extreme temperatures. These issues are found during inspections and routine maintenance services.

Trained HVAC technicians understand the issues that damage heating and cooling systems and require fast repairs. When conducting maintenance services, the technicians follow a checklist and address these common occurrences head-on. When problems are discovered, the technicians present the homeowners with a complete estimate for repair services.

Seasonal Cleaning Services

Seasonal cleaning services are vital for all HVAC systems, and it is recommended that the homeowner schedule the services before the beginning of each season. The technicians open the interior and exterior units to clean them thoroughly. They clean all components and remove all dust, debris, and particles. The techs will also remove the old filter and replace it. Seasonal cleaning options are included in HVAC Services and are incredibly helpful to the homeowner.

Lubricating Major Components

HVAC Services in Weston, FL include lubricating all major components once a year and ensuring that the parts do not grind together. Improper lubrication is a common cause of component failures and damage. Each year, during standard maintenance services, the technicians evaluate each component for lubrication or signs of wear and tear. If components have signs of wear and tear, the property owner may need to replace them to prevent system failures.

Testing the Thermostat

An HVAC Contractor in Weston, FL understands how important the thermostat is to the overall system. If the thermostat is not getting accurate temperature readings, it will engage irregularly and cause an increase in energy costs.

The technician will review the area around the thermostat and determine if there is a draft. The property will need to be sealed if there is a draft because it will produce irregular temperature readings. However, if the thermostat is failing, it will need to be replaced to regulate the HVAC system.

Testing the Wiring System

The wiring system could become faulty over time, and it is vital to test the outlets, connections, and circuit breakers for flaws. If the technician finds any irregularities, the homeowner will need to schedule electrical services to regulate the HVAC systems.

Whenever they install a new HVAC system, the technicians must ensure that the unit is compatible with the current electrical system. The electrical system must also be free of issues that could affect the systems negatively.

Evaluating the Motor

A common issue with HVAC services is a failing motor, and a prevailing issue with motors is blockages caused by too much dust and debris accumulating inside the unit. If the motor is clogged with debris, it will overheat and stop working altogether. When servicing the HVAC systems, the HVAC technicians will review the motor operation and test its functionality. If the motor is failing, it will need to be replaced promptly to avoid service disruptions.

Cleaning Out Condensation Drains

Condensation drains collect water draining from the system and flush it out and away from the unit. If the drains are clogged, the water will flow out of the drain and around the unit. This leads to water leaks inside the property underneath the unit and in the surrounding areas. If the property owner doesn’t manage the issue quickly, they will sustain property damage, mold could develop, and their family could be at risk if they come in contact with bacteria from the water.

Managing Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks prevent an air conditioning unit from maintaining cool temperatures, and the condenser coil could freeze. A refrigerant leak requires the homeowner to get services for the unit quickly since leaking refrigerant leads to environmental risks. It will also prevent the unit from performing as it should.

The technicians will trace the leak and determine what portion of the line is damaged. Repairs can eliminate the leak in most situations, but the technician may need to replace the lines leading to the unit if they are damaged. They will also assess the condenser coil to eliminate any additional underlying problems.

Homeowners must follow careful steps for maintaining their HVAC systems. Technicians complete a variety of tasks when completing routine maintenance, and these services make it easier to find problems with the units. By cleaning out the interior and exterior units, the technicians can troubleshoot most major issues. By keeping the systems cleaner, the property owner can also decrease common issues that affect airflow throughout the property.