Oakland park, Florida Professional Heating Services

During mid-winter, a furnace or another heat source in problematic conditions may make a home feeling uncomfortable. If temperatures in your home drop low enough, this can lead to possible health issues if you live in colder parts of the country during wintertime.

The elderly, babies and even healthy adults can experience hypothermia indoors if they are exposed to the cold over some time. While gas or electric-powered devices may look like conveniences in modern times, many families now have become dependent on them. Fireplaces or other heating methods can keep homes warm in the wintertime. So if the heater has broken down, it needs to be quickly repaired by an expert.

By performing routine service every year one can avert ill timed break downs, ideally before the start of the winter. A trained technician can assist your family in maintaining the level of comfort they desire. They can handle all the heating services necessary to keep your family comfortable during cold season, and they can keep your unit operational for as long as possible.

A furnace will typically last about 20 years, and a heat pump for 15 years. As with cars, regular maintenance is the key to extending the useful life of a furnace. Keep reading to learn more about the maintenance needs of heating units.

What do heating services professionals examine during an inspection?

There are numerous ways by which homeowners may choose to heat their homes. A lot of modern houses use a furnace and forced air to provide heat throughout the house. But in older homes or other parts of the country, electric fireplaces, heat pumps, and pellet stoves are more common. Regardless of what type of heating source your home uses, a qualified professional is an important person to a homeowner, helping keep the home comfortable year round.


Whether your furnace is using gas, oil or electricity, a technician needs to inspect it every year as part of its maintenance. By doing this they can see potential problems with it and fix them before they cause you trouble during the winter. A service professional will look over your furnace for rust from moisture on certain areas and replace those parts to help you avoid a sudden breakdown. Aside from that he will also look out for carbon monoxide leaks and electrical hazards in it.

If the unit happens to be near its end life, then a professional can guide you in choosing from the different options that are available. Some of the more efficient systems, in terms of running costs, may even end up saving you money in the long run.

Heat Pumps

In moderate climates, heat pumps are frequently used due to their limited temperature conversion component. But there are some models that have a geothermal design in them that make it possible for them to be used in places that have colder climates. Heat pumps trap outdoor air or heat from the ground, and use electricity and a blower to heat it and distribute it throughout the house. During an inspection, the professional will conduct a cleaning of coils, ducts and fan blades.


Standard fireplaces, however, are not as efficient as the above methods when it comes to heating homes. A cost-efficient way to heat a home, depending on its size, the location of the fireplace, and local prices of gas and electric are electric or gas fireplace inserts that come with blowers. They can be easily installed in an existing fireplace, and typically come with temperature control.

During an annual inspection, the technician will make sure the fan, vents, pilot light, and pilot safety system are in proper, safe, working order.


Regular maintenance is required to keep wood or pellet stoves running efficiently. Maintaining it would include cleaning its ash before winter starts and having an expert on it do a service on it. Stove support not just improves the effectiveness of the unit. It can likewise help keep a home safe from coincidental flames.

Tasks of a professional include exhaust pipe cleansing, motor lubrication, wiring, and switch inspection and also cleansing of the various parts of the chamber and more. Pellets burn cleaner compared to wood so they are more safe for the environment. But no matter what you have, annual maintenance is critical to making sure you keep your home safe for the duration of the winter season. Built up ash in any part in the system can be catastrophic.